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Turn Your Home into A Work of Art with Interior Painting and Decorating

The great thing about painting the interior of your house is that you bring it back to life. With a fresh coat of paint, you can give your house the “wow” factor you’ve always been looking for. You also improve the house’s value and give it the look you’ve long desired. Of course, you need the right painting company to do this for you.

Hire a Professional Painter Rather Than DIY!

While it can be tempting to do-it-yourself, especially for interior painting, hiring a professional painter has clear benefits and can be more cost-effective.

Hire a professional painter rather than DIY interior paintingYou will need to consider the price of primer/undercoat, quality paint (such as Dulux interior paint), paint brushes, rollers, drop sheets, ladders (if you don’t already own one), covers and the list goes on.

You must also consider the condition of your interior walls/ceilings and if they require repair first? If so, you’ll need to buy additional items like fillers, sand paper (sander for large areas) and other repair accessories, assuming you know how to properly do the repairs in the first place.

Other than the expenses, there are many other clear benefits of hiring an expert including:

  • Safety – especially with ladders and uneven surfaces;
  • Choosing the right interior paint colour – remember professional painters know colour, what if you realise part way through that you have chosen the wrong colour?
  • Quality results – this is their area of expertise; and last but certainly not least…
  • Professional painting contractors will save you time! Remember time (in addition to our health) is our most valuable commodity. To plan, buy the products and paint your house you’ll need to take time out of your normal life (maybe even time off work) to complete the job.
    And if you do happen to make a mistake (even though you don’t wish to admit this at the start 😉 , you’ll probably need to hire professionals to fix things up. It just makes sense to hire expert painters from the start!

Call House Painters Northern Beaches now and let the experts do the painting for you.

Best Interior Painting Services In and Around Sydney‘s Northern Beaches

The Sydney painters working for our company have years of experience offering superior-quality interior painting services. We know that you see your Northern Beaches home as the castle, where everything should be perfect. We enjoy being a part of any home makeover you are doing – love being there to see the transformations that occur after you change colours.

We start the repainting process by doing the following – filling in nail holes and cracks, sealing up larger cracks and repairing paint that has peeled. By doing this, we can provide a high-quality finish that can return your house to the state it once was. A fresh coat of paint can give your Northern Beaches house a modern, sleek design.

We have years of service that have assured us a place in the market. We are leaders in the painting industry. Many homeowners who want to renovate their home – room by room – have chosen us to help them do that. You can even request each room offer a theme that can give it that certain look you’re after.

For example, a baby’s room can be painted in a way that highlights calmness – light colours and an accent wall. However, when the baby grows up and gets older, they’ll need a new theme – and this is where things get tricky. If a colour flows from one area of the house seamlessly, it changes how people will feel about your home.

Whether your house is new or old, they’re going to suffer from similar problems that come from cheap or worn paint as well as cracks in walls. You can’t just patch a hole and fix the cracks and hope that fixes the issues you have with the paint and its fading colours.

We can make it so that your house looks like it did when it was first built. There is no magic trick; it’s just the hard work and professionalism of our experts that will bring your house to life as if it was brand new again.

House painter prepping for painting interior wallsAll you have to do is give us a call to get a free, no-obligation quote and learn what steps we will take to give your house a new look. Whatever your budget, we can offer quality painting services to suit your needs. If you have things you want to add, go ahead and tell us.

Given the opportunity, we can change the look of a room to the way you pictured it in your mind. We have painting professionals that will listen to what it is you want and do what we can to make dreams become a reality.

Our reputation tends to proceed us, especially when talking about details and deadlines. Let us make that boring, dreary room be a space you’ll want to spend time in. All you have to do is call and get a quote from one of our professionals.

And, if you’re happy with the interior, why not call us again for when you’re ready to paint your home’s exterior? This is a wonderful choice for people who are going to sell their house and want to give it a little more value.

We are all about customer service and making sure you’re happy with the service we provide.

Professional Feature Wall and Accent Painting Services

House Painters Northern Beaches has a team of painting experts that can provide a professional accent or feature wall that improves your home’s overall look – a look that your neighbours will be envious of.

What is a feature wall (sometimes referred to as an “accent wall”)? It’s a wall that’s meant to stand out but compliments all other walls in a room. It’s meant to be a bold design statement, which is why you need to hire a professional painter to make it happen. There are a plethora of ideas for painting a feature wall, and we can help you get creative choosing an interior paint colour.

Even if you don’t wish to repaint all walls in a room, a feature wall can be an inexpensive yet beautiful way to transform a room. using a new colour or paint colour different, yet complementary to the other walls in the room. Many customers tend to pick colours based on their favourite art piece, a pillow or key feature in the room. The only thing you need to be concerned about is ensuring that whatever you choose complements the other colours on your internal walls.

We know this can be tricky, and we are more than welcome to hear your ideas and give you our input.

Painting a feature wall ideasThe easiest ways to highlight a whole room is to create a feature wall. Consider the feature wall as if it’s a work of art. You want it to grab people’s attention, in a good way, when they enter the room. While you can create a great feature wall, it can still come out wrong if not done right!

There are several decisions that must be made in completing the accent and feature walls, which is why you should have the assistance of professional painters close by. Our painters in Northern Beaches will help you in every step of the process – from start to finish – to create the work of art you dreamed of. Think of our painters as artists who can offer you insight and ideas into how you can change the look of your room and make it a place you’ll always want to be in.

Best of all, you don’t have to break your budget when painting the interior of your house. And, we can get it done in a realistic time-frame for you. Our company has all the tools on hand to turn your ordinary room into an amazing one.

It doesn’t matter why you want to hire a painting company – be it painting interior walls to brightening a room, redesigning it, highlighting a room’s features, etc., our professionals at House Painters Northern Beaches can help bring it to life. We can assist by choosing a colour and finish that can enlarge a room that’s relatively small in size. And, a warm colour added to a large room that has high ceilings can give it a more appealing look.

No matter what you’re looking for from your painting job, rest assured that you can get high-quality work done by the professionals at House Painters Northern Beaches. We make sure to use only the best interior paint and coatings in your house.
All you need to do is give us a call to get a free, no obligation quote and see how we can help you restore your home’s previous look, and even make it better!

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